Video Camera Inspection

Video Probe

Bay Area Sewer Inspections specializes in determining the condition of sewer lines. Identifying potential problems quickly and early saves our customers time, money and messy yard excavation.
With the use of a high resolution color camera system, we can travel through sewer pipes to precisely determine their condition. As we push the camera through, we are viewing in “real time” the condition of the pipe through our video monitor.   Learn more…

Pipeline Analysis

Common problems in pipelines often include broken sections of pipes or tree root penetration. In the photo to the right, we see a tree root penetrating a pipe.
On-screen footage is captured from the point of entry, the total length of the run. Once we have the documented footage, we can then determine if there are any problems. We provide all clients with access to real footage taken during the pipeline inspection.
Pinpoint the Problem
Once the problem has been determined, we are able to locate the surface position of the problem. Our system includes a sonar location system to all us to “Mark the Spot” when a spot repair is in order.  This precise information will help you get accurate estimates for the needed repair by directing the repair technician to the exact point of the problem.

Common Problems are identified:

Invading Roots

Low Areas are sections of the pipe where the sewer line has lost the correct slope on its path to its destination and can result in pipes clogged with standing water and debris.  In essence, the gravity flow is disrupted by a change in the slope of the pipeline.

Off-Set Pipes occur when connected sections of a sewer line are not lined up perfectly with one another. Older sewer lines are particularly susceptible to off-sets.

Tree Roots are a very common problem for sewer lines constructed prior to the early 1980s. Older clay pipes tend to leak water at the joints, creating an ideal source of water for trees and shrubs.

Collapsed or broken clay pipes might result from settling of a building, earthquake shifting, or age.  Identifying this is critical to avoid wasting money.  A snaking approach to a collapsed pipe might result in hours of effort and money


You’ve probably have heard and seen some one pressure wash their sidewalks or patios, or maybe seen professionals pressure wash walls of a building in preparation for painting.   Take that concept and expand it.   A HIGH-PRESSURE, EXPANDING ROTARY HEAD blasts water FORWARD to break up obstructions and BACKWARD to “scrub” the “walls” of  the pipeline.  The hydrojet blast of water cleans and flushes grit, grease, and grime and pushes debris out.



The rotary jet-action blasts roots in the line so that flow is restored without obstruction.   The expanding rotary head has the advantage over snaking when your waste line is obstructed.  A snake might “poke a hole” in the obstruction restoring temporary flow, but does not have the capacity to break-up the temporary obstruction entirely.

To see the demonstration hydro-flush video, click here.     Learn more about drain cleaning

Spot Repair

When a limited problem is identified, sometimes the best thing to do is just get it done.  Due to demand, we added limited repair to our array of services.  We’ve identified the problem. We’ve marked the location and determined the depth.  We discussed the options with the homeowner.  And they ask us to take care of a spot repair.

Clean Sewer Line

After referring to other contractors and seeing the time & costs escalate, we added this service for our customers.  It’s a tiny part of our business, but saves our customers time and energy.  Learn More about Spot Repair or Replacement.

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