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As quality is always a priority, choose Bay Area Sewer Inspections for your sewer inspection, cleaning, and service needs. We are proud to be the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco because of our proven commitment to customer satisfaction and top-notch results. We can inspect and clean your main drain or sewer line during the same visit, saving you time and money. Our expertise in video inspection allows us to advise you on solutions to root invasion and collapsing aged sewers. From hydro-flush cleaning to spot repair to sewer line replacement, we can assist you.

Who We Are

We take pride in being the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco since that is what we focus on and what we do best. We are a family-owned business that prides itself on building relationships within the community we serve. In addition, we have 30 years of experience in the sewer industry. For the past decade, we have specialized in residential services. We are located in San Francisco, CA, and we live here. We are exclusively committed to serving local clients looking for quality results and cost-effective solutions.

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    What We Do

    Did you know up to 90 percent of the homes in San Francisco still have original sewer lines that were built in the 1800s or 1900s? Many of these older pipes need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired due to their age and condition. This is what we do at Bay Area Sewer Inspections.

    With sewer lines, it is not always easy to know for sure what exactly is going on or the specific part of the sewer system that is affected, which is why we perform in-depth video inspections. We use specially designed cameras and cables to look inside sewer lines without the need for exploratory excavation. If an issue is detected, we'll recommend an appropriate solution.


    Watch an actual video of sewer inspection

    Note the issues revealed: Partially collapsed/displaced sewer line and invading roots (several locations).  Grease build-up is present, but not problematic.

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    What do video inspections suggest to the owner?  Replacing one section of a collapsed pipe is a more urgent repair; de-rooting the sewer line on a regular basis is recommended.  This would be a short-term, lower-budget approach. Potentially the combination of cracked pipe replacement and annual rooting of the line may suffice. Ultimately, replacing the entire line will be necessary and maybe the cheapest long-term solution. The sonar-detection unit will identify the exact location of the section in need of replacement which minimizes digging, disruption, and length of time to repair.

    Without this video inspection, owners and repairmen do not understand the problem.  Rooting now could actually worsen the problem by loosening the cracked pipe.

    Our main specializations include:

    Sewer video inspections

    We offer extensive assessments of sewer and drain lines for preventative or diagnostic purposes


    We recommend this service as an alternative to traditional drain snaking, as this affords you an environmentally friendly solution using highly pressurized water.


    When tree root invasion is close to doing a number on your sewer system, we make sure to blast roots away.

    Sewer/drain line repair and/or replacement

    When maintenance solutions no longer suffice, we can provide the best service to restore your drain or sewer’s functionality.

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    Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the company to call on when your sewer lines need attention in San Francisco. Whether you are buying a new home, selling your existing one, or just looking to find out the exact condition of your sewer lines, our team is ready to provide the answers and solutions. Feel free to check our client videos over at our YouTube channel for more information. Call or text us today to schedule an appointment with our industry experts. We look forward to working with you.