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Our inspection videos are uploaded to our YouTube Channel, feel free to view any of our public videos.

From the video you’ll note that hydro-flushing breaks up most, if not all, blockages.  Consider it like a pressure washing of you drain line and sewer.  It clears the drain plus pushes the buildup down the sewer line.

If you have trees near your sewer line, consider a maintenance schedule to avoid the buildup of future root invasion.  Based on your situation, regular preventative hydro-flushing may extend the life of your current system.


A collapsed pipe is a sign of problems beyond the blockage.  Inspection of the remaining drain system will indicate whether a spot repair or system replacement is in order.  While spending money on underground systems is not fun, it is much better than paying for a spot repair only to discover more spots needing repair soon thereafter.

A reminder: Check out our Youtube channel videos YouTube Channel, feel free to view any of our public videos.

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