Drain Repair or Replacement

Bay Area Sewer Inspections has expanded

Its services to include sewer line replacement and/or repair.  One huge benefit of our service is that the decision to repair, replace, or clean your drain line is based on information learned through the video inspection.

The sonar locator is able to pinpoint exactly where the sewer lateral is broken or cracked.  This avoids needless digging, which saves you money and time.  Spot repairs like the ones in the photos below serve as a less expensive fix.

Why Drains Need Repair or Replacement

A major fail of an aging sewer line is not uncommon.  Over years or even decades; ground shifts, buildings settle, tree roots invade, & pipes brake.   One long-term result of earthquakes in the area is shifting soil.  Most sewer laterals are incapable of flexing to adapt to the resulting pressure any of these shifts.  The result is drain lines no longer flow properly down to the sewer, pipes crack or break, and joints come apart.  Ultimately, backup issues present themselves.

The video inspection serves to inform us of how significant an backup or blockage is, whether it is isolated or system-wide.

What this means for you is you have information to choose if a regular sewer drain cleaning will serve to postpone a spot repair or an expensive replacement or whether service is needed immediately.

Hidden Costs of Delay

Often overlooked in this postponement discussion:  Where is the sludge going?  Will it create an even bigger problem?  A health issue?  A safety issue? or A structural or erosion issue?  Are you drawing tree roots to you?  Leaks become a source of moisture for roots.  Mother Nature has coded roots to seek out moisture which creates a larger problem as roots invade.

Locally owned and operated, John will help you understand the drain issues causing problems, discuss options for solving the issue whether it is a spot repair – a more temporary solution – or replacing the sewer line or a just a portion.  By seeing the inspection video, the issues are easier to understand, provide more accurate information and enabling you to weigh options to get things flowing.

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