Sewer Cleaning

Thorough Sewer Cleaning in San Francisco, CA

It is estimated that close to 90 percent of San Francisco sewer lines date back to as early as the 1800s. This means many of these residential systems regularly need professional attention to keep functioning correctly. As the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco, Bay Area Sewer Inspections is prepared to provide the kind of top-notch sewer services you need, including thorough sewer cleaning.

How We Clean Sewer Lines

We clean sewer lines by using a technique called hydro-flushing. It's similar in concept to pressure-washing in that it uses highly pressurized water to clear away debris. The jet action of the water is combined with a duel-action, expanding claw rotary head that breaks down even the toughest pipe blockages or obstructions.

If there are cracks and other issues with your sewer lines, you will likely benefit from other sewer line services we offer other than a simple cleaning. For this reason, another part of our sewer cleaning process is typically a video inspection. This is necessary to check the condition of the affected line to determine if it is safe to proceed with hydro-jetting.

Hydro-Jetting vs. Drain Snaking

When you think of drain or sewer cleaning, drain snaking may be what comes to mind first. While there are times when this cleaning method can be effective, it tends to only poke holes through the blockage. This means it is often just a temporary solution. Hydro-flushing, on the other hand, often produces long-term results since it completely clears the blockage – even when obstructions include tree roots.

There is never a wrong time to reach out to the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco about sewer cleaning. Even if you are not yet seeing signs of a problem, being proactive when it comes to sewer cleaning can reduce the risk of serious sewer drain clogs later. You will likely benefit from a thorough and professional approach to sewer cleaning when faced with:

  • Mysterious drain odors
  • Drains that are often slow
  • Frequent clogs

Our sewer cleaning services in San Francisco, CA, can be requested on an as-needed basis. However, cleanings done as a part of a sewer system maintenance routine can be just as beneficial. We encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the best cleaning approach for your specific situation.

Your Local Expert in Sewer Cleaning

A family-owned company, Bay Area Sewer Inspections that focuses on building relationships with the local community. We also have 30 years of experience providing sewer-related services, which include mainline sewer installation and repair. We are local through-and-through in that we are located and live in San Francisco, CA.

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At Bay Area Sewer Inspections, our main focus is sewer lines. In fact, we have specialized in residential services for the past decade. We look forward to delivering the results you need when you contact us about sewer cleaning and other sewer services we offer. Call or text your leading sewer specialist in San Francisco today for all your sewer cleaning needs. We look forward to working with you.

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Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the company to call on when your sewer lines need attention in San Francisco. Whether you are buying a new home, selling your existing one, or just looking to find out the exact condition of your sewer lines, our team is ready to provide the answers and solutions. Feel free to check our client videos over at our YouTube channel for more information. Call or text us today to schedule an appointment with our industry experts. We look forward to working with you.