Root Cutting

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Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco with 30 years of experience in the sewer industry. Our expertise includes mainline sewer installation and repair and specialized services such as root-cutting. Here is how we approach the issue concerning obstructing roots.

What is Root-Cutting?

This involves breaking up and clearing away tree roots that have intruded into sewer lines with a process known as hydro-flushing root-cutting. Hydro-flush technology involves the use of highly pressurized water. The result is a completely cleared and cleaned sewer line.

We recommend conducting a video inspection first to confirm the location and nature of the obstruction. You will also have a better idea of what is going on in your sewer lines so we can determine the best steps to take next. Should we discover the presence of tree roots and find that the pipe itself is still structurally intact, we will proceed with our hydro-flushing service.

During the hydro-flushing process, the Bay Area Sewer Inspections team will insert a hose with a rotating, expanding, head that moves in two directions into the affected sewer line and propelled by highly pressurized water. The forward jet pierces the roots while the rear jet cuts them up, so they can be flushed out of the sewer line.

Roots wrapped around the pipe entering at the joint

After cutting the roots

Repaired section where roots were intruding

Why Do You Need It?

Many of San Francisco's sewer lines date back to the 1800s or to sometime within the 1900s. Older pipes also tend to be more affected by tree roots that have been expanding over the years. Root-cutting is a cost-effective way to break up and remove tree roots from sewer lines. This is also a way to clear sewer lines so any other issues that need our attention can be identified. When all is said and done, you will be left with a sewer line that's functioning as intended.

How Do You Benefit from Our Service?

The hydro-flushing process also blasts away grease and grime coated along the interior sewer line walls. This leaves you with cleaner pipes once more, without needing to worry about tree roots at the same time. In addition, many rooter services serving the same area do not have expanding heads to fill the entire length of the pipe. Rest assured of a complete clearing solution with nothing left behind.

What makes Bay Area Sewer Inspections the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco is we focus on building relationships within the local community. We do this by coming prepared to tackle any job, no matter how big or small it may be. For the past decade, our family-owned business has specialized in residential services, such as root-cutting.

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