Hydro Flush vs Snaking

Hydro Flushing accomplishes two key objectives:
1. The Breakup and Flushing of deposits blocking your sewer line flow; and
2. A pressure washing of the “walls” of the sewer line

Watch the video below to see how traditional cabling or “snaking” pokes a limited hole in the sewer block restoring flow, yet does not restore complete flow to the sewer line. The result is more buildup of sewage and a high-likelihood of repeated blockages. This clear pipe view of the action of snaking versus hydro-flushing clearly shows the effectiveness of each. Have a look for yourself:

Hydro Flushing with Bay Area Sewer Inspections utilizes a dual-action, expanding claw rotary head similar to the one in the video: Forward jet action blasts the blockage as it rotates and breaks down the obstruction; and Rear jets pressure wash the “walls” of the sewer pipe as well as breaks up lingering accumulation of debris and restore maximum flow. Couple a hydro flush with video inspection and we will give you an assessment of the sewer line. This is particularly important for older homes, homes where settling or shifting has been an issue, and New Home Buyers looking to assess the condition of a home before completing a sale.

This demo used 6 pounds of Cooking grease and 2 pounds of dirt for the obstruction. Grease build-up in sewer lines is ever more common as water conservation spreads. Less water moves through sewer lines so the gravity lines have less push downhill. As part of local conservation, green recycling is encouraged. Using green recycling for grease and food scraps rather then the sink’s drain and garbage disposal unit is encouraged.

Hydro Flushing is not a cure-all. It can help restore flow; breakup deposits, and “get things moving”; it cannot resolve displaced or collapsed pipe sections. Video inspection will help you understand the extent of your problem, help you get information about the options to a short-term and/or long-term solution.



Thanks to The Drain Team for demonstrating the effectiveness of a Hydrojet Flush your clogged sewer pipes compared to cabling or snaking. [If you are in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, or Sarasota in Florida and need help: Contact from www.thedrainteam.com]