Sewer Maintenance

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As the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco, Bay Area Sewer Inspections has a thorough understanding of sewer lines in this area. In fact, we know that many of the sewer lines in the San Francisco area date back to as far back as the 1900s and even 1800s. What this means for our clients is that regular sewer maintenance is essential, which is why this is one of the top-quality services we offer.

How We Maintain Sewer Lines and Provide Root-Cutting Solutions

The first step we typically take with sewer maintenance is to perform an in-depth video inspection. This is advisable to determine what the exact condition of your sewer line is and what approach to cleaning and maintenance is most appropriate. Should we discover that there are tree roots in your sewer line, our preferred solution is hydro-flushing for root-cutting purposes.

Once our video inspection shows that tree roots are blocking your sewer line to some extent, the maintenance method we use is called hydro-flushing. This involves using a blast of highly pressurized water and a rotating, expanding dual-directional head. This combination of powerful water streams and the rotating head severs any intrusive tree roots. They are then flushed from the lateral line into the main sewer.

Hydro-flushing delivers both forward and rear pressure, which pierces the roots and cuts them away at the same time. Hydro-flushing is also an effective way to clear away accumulated grease and grime caked along inside sewer line walls. You will be left with sewer lines that are cleaned and cleared properly, once again ready to fully function as intended.

Why Sewer Maintenance is Important

Keep in mind that regular maintenance is important for all sewer lines. It is especially beneficial for older ones often coated with debris or affected by tree roots. While every situation is different, there are many ways you can benefit from our sewer maintenance services, including:

  • Having fewer urgent repair/service needs
  • Getting more life out of sewer lines that are still in generally good condition
  • Minimizing issues with sewer odors and other problems that can be caused by blockages or debris accumulation

Rely on Our Sewer Maintenance Services

Bay Area Sewer Inspections is comprised of a team that is located and lives locally well. We are proud to be a family-owned business fully focused on building long-term relationships within the local community we serve. We have 30-plus years of experience in the sewer industry – and we have been specializing in residential services for the past 10 years.

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Whether you have an existing sewer-related problem or looking to prevent any issues down the road, Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the company that you can count on to meet your needs. We will be sure to provide the type of maintenance that is right for your sewer line needs. We will address sewer maintenance and root-cutting in a fast, affordable, and effective manner. Call or text us today to receive top-notch service from your leading sewer specialist in San Francisco.

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Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the company to call on when your sewer lines need attention in San Francisco. Whether you are buying a new home, selling your existing one, or just looking to find out the exact condition of your sewer lines, our team is ready to provide the answers and solutions. Feel free to check our client videos over at our YouTube channel for more information. Call or text us today to schedule an appointment with our industry experts. We look forward to working with you.