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Bay Area Sewer Inspections invites you to take full advantage of 30 years of experience in the sewer industry. We are the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco and a trusted, family-owned business that specializes in mainline sewer installation and repair and related sewer services. We look forward to including you on our growing list of satisfied clients.

Here is a look at our full suite of services in the local area:

Video Camera Inspections

The main purpose of our video camera inspections is to determine the condition of your sewer lines. By identifying potential issues sooner rather than later, we save our San Fran clients time and money – not to mention the inconvenience and expense of messy yard excavation!

We perform video inspections with a high-resolution color camera system. It allows us to explore your sewer pipes to assess their condition precisely. As the camera is extended into your pipes, we view real-time results on a video monitor. These are the same results you can see for yourself so you'll know why we're making certain recommendations.

Pipeline Analysis

During a video inspection, we inspect the entire length of the affected sewer line. We do this to look for common problems, such as tree root intrusions. Onscreen footage is captured from the entry point to the rest of the length of the pipe.

The system we use has a sonar location feature that allows us to mark the spot where professional attention is needed. This information allows us to provide accurate estimates before any work is done since our technicians will know the exact nature and location of the problem.

Common problems we identify include:

  • Low areas: These are spots where the sewer line has lost the correct slope – which can affect its gravity pattern and the flow of wastewater.

  • Off-set pipes: This happens when various parts of a sewer line are no longer aligned correctly. This is a common issue with older sewer pipes.

  • Tree roots: Over time, roots from nearby trees can invade sewer lines, especially older ones installed prior to the early 1980s.

  • Collapsed/broken clay pipes: Earthquake shifting and settling are among the possible reasons why older clay pipes may collapse, shift, or become damaged.


If you have ever used a pressure washer, then you should have a general idea of what hydro-flushing is. This is a technique we use to clear pipes internally with highly pressurized water and an expanding rotary head. It's a more powerful cleaning and clearing method than snaking, which may only poke a hole through the obstruction. Hydro-flushing completely clears blockages.

Sewer Maintenance

Along with hydro-flushing, we can also do what's known as root-cutting as part of our sewer maintenance efforts. An expanding, dual-directional head will cut through the roots and water will flush them away. This is a process that can be a part of routine sewer maintenance, a proactive service we offer designed to mitigate possible issues.

Spot Repair

Should we determine that your sewer-related problem is fairly minor or limited to a single area, we can do what's called a spot repair. We recommend a cost-effective approach to restore normal sewer line function that can save time and money. 

Bay Area Sewer Inspections also provides:

  • Sewer cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Drain replacement

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