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Homeowner Info from the Leading Sewer Specialist in San Francisco

Drain backups are a common sign of a sewer-related problem for San Francisco homeowners. While the usual DIY methods involving drain cleaning products and plungers may temporarily resolve sewer line-based issues, these can never be considered as long-term solutions. To ensure long-lasting results, turn to Bay Area Sewer Inspections. 

Here is some useful information that will surely help you as a homeowner in the local area:

Maintaining Your Home Sewer Lateral Pipes

The lateral refers to the underground line that carries waste to the city sewer. The oldest sewer laterals consist of 3-foot sections of terra cotta pipe with bell joints, where the end of one pipe is inserted into the end of the next pipe that is shaped like a bell. The joint was often sealed with mortar. Over time, however, the mortar cracks, placing the whole line at risk of leaks and root infestations.

Lateral pipes carry wastewater from your home to the public sewer main, which is normally in the adjacent street. There are a number of telltale signs that suggest a problem with lateral pipes, which can often be spotted when one of our sewer pros does a walk-through inspection of your property. This could range from ground settling to root invasion as well as erosion. The drain pipes may end up trapping waste, eventually backing up the entire system.

Replaced Cleanout Plugs

The cleanout refers to an access point usually found in the main sewer line in the basement. Prior to the 1980s, brass plugs for cleanouts were commonly used. If a different type of plug is now on your cleanout, this is a sign that previous work was done.

Understanding Service Stickers

The service stickers are typically placed on or near sewer lines to indicate previous issues with sewer lines. These can also be a sign that a particular residential property is having routine maintenance work done on a regular basis.

Signs of Residential Sewer Issues

There are a few indications that it is time to contact the Bay Area Sewer Inspections team about residential sewer line service in San Francisco, CA. The mains signs to pay attention to include:

  • Water stains around the floor in the basement or around drill holes where there was "mud-jacking" done
  • Structural damage affecting your foundation, walls, or floors
  • Sinks holes
  • Foul drain odors

Unusual spurts in vegetation are another red flag that you may have a sewer line crack or similar damage. Regardless of what exactly is going on with your lateral sewer lines, rest assured that our team of sewer experts knows how to detect issues of this nature. We will recommend a sensible solution that addresses the true source of the problem. For one, we can provide power flushing. Although considered a temporary measure, regular power flushing may be enough to prolong the service life of your existing sewer line. This could be a way to put off a major repair or replacement until you are ready for such a project.

We Specialize in Residential Sewer Services

Bay Area Sewer Inspections has 30 years of experience in the sewer industry. This includes everything from mainline sewer installations and repairs to video inspections, hydro-flushing, and other top-notch residential sewer-related services. We exclusively focus on sewer lines, as we have been specializing in residential services for the past decade. We are also proud to be a family-owned business that believes in building relationships with our clients in the community we serve. In fact, we are located in San Francisco – and we live here, too!

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There are many things that can go wrong with a sewer line over time. For this reason, one of our services at Bay Area Sewer Inspections is routine maintenance. With regular cleanings and inspections, serious and potentially costly backups and emergencies can be prevented or minimized. Keep in mind that it is estimated up to 90% of the homes in SF still have their original sewer lines built in the 1800s. This means that pipes are in need of proper maintenance due to their conditions, materials, and age. Call or text us today for prompt, affordable assistance from Bay Area Sewer Inspections, the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco.

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Bay Area Sewer Inspections is the company to call on when your sewer lines need attention in San Francisco. Whether you are buying a new home, selling your existing one, or just looking to find out the exact condition of your sewer lines, our team is ready to provide the answers and solutions. Feel free to check our client videos over at our YouTube channel for more information. Call or text us today to schedule an appointment with our industry experts. We look forward to working with you.