Hydro Flush vs Snaking

Hydro Flush vs Snaking

One of the things that makes us the leading sewer specialist in San Francisco is our focus on long-term results, not just temporary solutions. This is why we typically favor hydro-flushing over traditional snaking when it comes to cleaning and clearing sewer lines. 

Let Bay Area Sewer Inspections give you a closer look at how these two methods stack up against one another.

What is Hydro-Flushing?

Hydro-flushing uses highly pressurized water to thoroughly clean and clear sewer lines. A dual-action, expanding claw rotary head is used to clear blockages. Rear jets are used to clear any debris or sediment from the "walls" of the inside surface of the sewer line that's being cleaned. There are two main objectives with hydro-flushing:

  1. The breakup and "flushing" of debris and other deposits that are blocking flow in your sewer lines.

  2. The pressure-washing of the inside surfaces or "walls" of sewer lines.

What is Snaking?

Drain snaking or augering is another sewer line cleaning method that's done with a flexible cable with a motor or hand crank on one end and a metal wire on the other end. The "snake" is fed through the affected sewer line to clear clogs and restore normal flow.

Why Do We Prefer Hydro-Flushing?

The problem with snaking is that it often only pokes a hole through debris. While it may be restored to some extent, the complete flow may be unlikelier. In addition, snaking does not address the debris along sewer line walls. In fact, there is the risk of recurring blockages if the only method you rely on is snaking.

Bay Area Sewer Inspections recommends hydro-jetting because it offers:

  • Powerful, safe cleaning action
  • Multi-directional cleaning and clearing
  • Long-term results by fully restoring flow
  • A longer lifespan for your sewer lines

Combining Hydro-Flushing with Video Inspections

Keep in mind that hydro-flushing should not be regarded as the cure-all for every sewer line problem. This is a technique that can restore normal flow and clear blockages, even ones involving tree roots. Nonetheless, additional efforts may be necessary to correct cracks and other defects in sewer lines.

This is why the Bay Area Sewer Inspections team often combines hydro-flushing with our video inspection services. By performing a video inspection first, our technicians can develop a better understanding of what's going on within your sewer lines. The real-time results we get will also determine if it is safe to perform hydro-jetting, or if there are other issues that we will need to correct first.

Why Choose Us for Hydro-Flushing

For the past decade, we have been primarily specializing in residential services that include hydro-flushing and other long-term, cost-effective solutions. Backed by a team that's located and living in San Francisco, Bay Area Sewer Inspections is a family-owned company committed to building lasting customer relationships in the local communities we serve.

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