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Real Estate and Home Inspection

On-site video sewer inspection is a critical and necessary step in the home buying process. The condition of a sewer line can have tremendous influence on the value of a home.  Listing agents, have a video inspection done proactively.  Prevent last minute surprises that can torpedo a sale.  Buyers agents, avoid sticking your new home owners with a huge repair bill.

Add a video inspection of the sewer line to your checklist prior to removing contingencies or the close of sale.

Our services are specifically tailored to compliment the home inspection process.

Protect Your New Homeowners

Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for problems that occur in the sewer system running from their home to the street. A blockage in this side sewer can back-up into the house, resulting in potential property damage.

In many cases, backups are caused by root intrusion in the side sewer line, which can be spotted in an inspection, and prevented with a proactive maintenance program.


At-Risk Real Estate

Clay and concrete piping was used extensively up into the 1980’s. The older, rigid clay and concrete pipes have a greater risk of breaks, cracks, offsets and root intrusion at the joints. Sewer line inspection is especially important for those who are looking to buy a house built prior to the 1980’s.