Hydro-flush Root Cutting

Just as a pressure washer is used by professionals to use blasts of high-pressure water to clean sidewalks or strip old paint from buildings, Hydro-flush technology combines high pressure blasts of water with a rotary, expanding, dual-directional head to sever roots and flush them from the lateral into the main sewer.  The forward blast pierces the obstructing roots, the rear jet cuts them away.  Our technicians then flush the severed  roots down the main line.


At the same time, the hydro-flush blasts grease and grime off of the walls of the pipe, so you get the dual benefit of cleaner pipes as well as the severing of obstructing roots.

See our page with the demo video of a hydro-flush of a see-through pipe.

The rotating, expanding head allows us to blast roots with water which cuts them at the width of the pipe.  Unlike the home pressure washer, our system has much more power.  Many “rooter” services are not using the expanding heads, so the root cutting is not as complete. This means the homeowner can expect roots to return more quickly.

No doubt you’ve seen ads for rooter services offering low-cost service calls.  Unfortunately, many of these are just tactics to get you to call for service and have little to do with the final cost.   Be wary of companies that pay the service techs on a commission.  There is an inherent conflict of interest when their pay increases each time you are sold a new service.

This is why we recommend the video inspection first.  Determine the problem before you dig.  Get accurate estimates because the issues are known in advance.  Decide if you want a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

Example: Invading roots indicate some opening in your line.  Is it a collapsed pipe?  A separation or offset?  Does the issue persist throughout the entire line, a short stretch,  or just in one spot?

You can imagine how the answer to the above will alter the repair cost.  Why fix one spot is the problem repeats in several spots?

Do you have to repair immediately?

Understanding the problem allows you to decide how quickly the issues need to be addressed.  A collapsed pipe in one section might be served by a spot repair immediately with the knowledge that building a budget for long-term replacement is in order.  If the pipe line is collapsed in several locations, a spot repair might be throwing money ‘out the window’, that is, it won’t buy you time and the temporary solution really solves nothing.

Our Unbiased Assessment avoids having you spend money without a chance for a reasonable benefit.  YOU decide with as complete information as possible before anyone digs.